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In Colorado, Latinos make up 31% of the K-12 population. In 2021, 18% of Hispanics enrolled in higher education. Latinos in Colorado have historically endured racial inequities in education. 28% of Hispanic adults (ages 18-34) have earned an Associate's degree or higher, compared to 59% of White non-Hispanic adults.

Enrollment among Latinos at universities and community colleges has declined at the same time that Hispanics are one of the largest growing demographics in the state.


A strong education is inextricably linked to good paying jobs, quality healthcare and economic opportunity. The time is now to make greater investment in Colorado’s educational systems. The education of our children is one of our most important legacies. The Latina Initiative supports the impact Latinas have in voting for education policies that are equitable, transparent, and inclusive.

Do you have questions about voting?

Colorado students deserve the best public education and decisions from elected school board members matter.

VOTE for the leaders who care about quality and equitable education programs for Latino students. 

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