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The Latina Initiative supports the impact Latinas have in voting for education policies that are equitable, transparent, and inclusive.

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K-12 Education

Latino students make up a third of the Colorado K-12 population, with gradual increases in high school graduation rates in recent years. 


of K-12 students in Colorado are Latino


of Colorado Hispanic/Latino students graduate high school in four years


of Latino students in Colorado dropout of high school, compared to 1.2% of white students

Postsecondary Education

Approximately a third of Latino learners in Colorado have earned a college certificate, certification, or degree. Latinos currently make up one of the lowest shares of higher education in the state.


of Colorado Latinos earned an associate degree


of Colorado Latinos obtained a graduate or professional degree


of Latinos in Colorado have a bachelor's degree


of Latinos in the U.S. have debt after pursuing higher education

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Education Outlook

A majority of Latino voters in Colorado would like to see improvements in educator/staff diversity, college preparation, and quality of education in the state. 


of Latino voters in Colorado are concerned about the lack of diversity in school staff & leadership


of Latino voters in Colorado are concerned with their ability to prepare themselves or their children for college


of Latino voters are concerned about the quality of education in Colorado

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