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The Latina Initiative empowers Latina voters to take a leadership role in protecting their environment. Our votes can support policies that will take care of our air, land, water, and communities.

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Despite Latinos having the lowest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, Latino populations are disproportionately affected by climate change and environmental impacts.


of Latino households in the U.S. experience energy insecurity

430 gallons

of gas are used by Colorado Latinos annually, compared to 500 gallons used by white Coloradans


of Colorado highway miles are located in highly populated Latino communities, causing additional consumption and resulting in more emissions


Latino communities in Colorado experience disproportionate impacts from pollution, access to nature/green spaces, and energy insecurity compared to white Coloradans. 


of all oil and gas wells in Colorado are located in communities with high Latino populations


of Western Latino voters believe climate change effects in their state in the past 10 years are significant


of Colorado Latino voters believe polluted-prone communities should receive environmental protections to prevent negative impacts of pollution

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Environmental Outlook

Latino voters in the West, including Colorado, favor preservation efforts, more access to spaces in nature, and support the creation of new parks and wildlife refuges. 


of Latino voters in the West want to protect clean water, air quality and wildlife habitats, supporting opportunities to visit and recreate on public lands


of Western Latino voters support the national goal of conserving land, inland waters, and ocean areas by the year 2030


of Latino voters in Western states say issues involving clean water, clean air, wildlife, and public lands are important in determining whether to support an elected official

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