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The Latina Initiative encourages women to stand up for reproductive justice, affordable healthcare & access, medicare for our elders, quality childcare, and other policies that will support our families in Colorado.

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Healthcare Access

Latinos are more likely to endure health conditions like asthma, heart disease, and diabetes. However, Latinos are less likely to visit a healthcare provider and receive quality care, experiencing significant healthcare disparities compared to their white counterparts.


of all healthcare professionals in the U.S. are Latino


of Latinos have a primary care provider compared to 76% of all adults


of Spanish-dominate Latinos prefer to seek treatment from a Spanish-speaking healthcare provider

Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage varies for Latinos in Colorado, impacting their access to quality healthcare and seeking the treatment they need.


of Latinos in Colorado are insured through Medicaid or CHP+, compared to 19% of their white counterparts


of Colorado Latinos are insured through Medicare, compared to 15% of the white population


of Colorado Latinos have employer-sponsored insurance, compared to 55% of their white counterparts


of the Colorado Latino population do not have health insurance, compared to 4% of white counterparts

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Reproductive Health

Approximately a third of pregnant people in Colorado are Latina. Latinas experience disparities in receiving reproductive healthcare services compared to their white counterparts. 


of Colorado Latina voters delay or avoid reproductive care due to lack of access, insurance coverage, or other healthcare challenges


of menstruating Latinas in Colorado experience period poverty, struggling to afford or access hygiene products


of Colorado Latinas knowledgeable of the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) say it has positively impacted them or someone they know

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